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Aiming for a Pharmaceutical Company Group required in the accelerating "Super Aging Society"

KOA SHOJI HOLDINGS Group has been aiming to be "The Best Partner for Generics." The group consists of KOA SHOJI, as its principal company, being a leading importer of APIs, KOA ISEI manufacturing and marketing ethical drugs mainly injections, KOA BIOTECH BAY running packaging operations of pharmaceuticals, KOA PHARMACEUTICAL manufacturing and marketing OTC drugs, and KOA SHOJI HOLDINGS holding these four corporations.

Now, our business target is the "Super Aging Society". It is said that an aging population over the age of 75 years will be around 18% of the whole population in 2025. Our group is truly committed to advancing our pharmaceutical business coping with the accelerating "Super Aging Society".

To keep realizing "The Best Partner for Generics", KOA SHOJI, as the core company of the group, tries to strengthen their relations of trust with Japanese and overseas API suppliers, and also to seek new excellent API suppliers. Furthermore, KOA SHOJI moves forward to provide added value beyond the expected scope of an API importer by promoting customer service through our Pharmaceutical Analysis Center and SI Center (synthesis research facilities).

KOA ISEI, another main company has constructed a new factory with a high-potency pharmaceutical production line, which needs high technology, in Zao Industrial Park of Yamagata prefecture. They intend to operate lines for syringes, vial solutions, and freeze-dried formulations one by one.

Now, we are in the times of changing at unimaginably high speed. It did not take so long before we took it for granted that ordinary people owned a smartphone since the advent of cellphones. Similarly, we come to feel that such an age has come when yesterday's "Exception" is today's "Ordinary" and today's "Ordinary" will be "History" tomorrow.

In this day and age, maximizing corporate values cannot be easily achieved just by following success stories in the past. Our group continues to flexibly change, so that we can timely provide necessities when required.

We sincerely request your continued support and cooperation in the future.

API: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

Toshiyuki Shuto
Toshiyuki Shuto