Corporate Policy

KOA SHOJI HOLDINGS Group's Corporate Policy

Our Business Target is the "Super Aging Society"

It is said that an aging population over the age of 75 years will be more than 18% people (21 million) of the whole population in 2025. Our group is truly committed to advancing our pharmaceutical business coping with the accelerating "Super Aging Society."


Each group company should take full advantage of its strengths, and, without being satisfied with the existing business, should further need to constantly innovate while looking ahead into the future. We intend to build a completely new type of pharmaceutical company group centering on business operations of a trading company specializing in pharmaceuticals.

"The Best Partner"

The basic management policy of KOA SHOJI, the core company of our group, has consistently been "The Best Partner for Generics" since its establishment in 1991. From now on our group strives for "The Best Partner for Pharmaceuticals" based on combined operations of APIs, Injections, Contract packaging business, and OTC drugs (non-prescription drugs).

API: Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient